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Campbell Kerr

Campbell Kerr

Occupation: Goat Farmhand

Favorite Sweet Potato Dish: Sweet potato & chorizo anything!

Why Sweet Feet?  I became a Sweet Feet member because I felt like it was going to be a fun experience

Favorite Race:   My favorite race is a spartan sprint because it is a great strength and stamina challenge and the environment at the races is electric.

I got started by: I joined the Apex Cross Country team my freshman year of high school and I fell in love with the sport, I loved the challenge, the people, and the overall environment.

About me:  I attend Apex High School where I play on their soccer team and run cross country. I love being outdoors and fishing, and I love to challenge myself.  I work as a farmhand at a goat farm for a disabled farmer who is known at NC State for his research in marine biology. I’m not quite sure what I want to do when I go to college but I know I want to stay within the biology field. I want to attend NC State or UNCW. I also play on a club soccer team called Lightning who is now Division 1. 🙂


Stephan Caldwell

Stephan Caldwell

Occupation: Commercial Driver / Graphic Designer / Entrepreneur

Favorite Sweet Potato Dish: Sweet Potato Casserole

Why I became a Sweet Feet member: To help educate people about running and the national benefits of sweet potatoes.

Favorite Race: Tuna Run 200 because of the comradery and wild times.  This is a 200 miles race from Raleigh to the coast.

What got me running: Friends challenged me and I wanted to see what I’m made of.

A little about me I’m a husband and father of 3 who am originally from the Buckeye state. I have been a Biodiesel ambassador/ Entrepreneur for the past 8 years. I really got into running about 10 years ago after rehabbing back from a ruptured Achilles tendon. Around this time I found the book “Born to run” and I was hooked.

Laura Hearn

Laura Hearn

Occupation:  Co-Founder of Glean, an innovative food company working with farmers to help reduce waste and create healthy, clean label products from fruits and vegetables.  Our company mission is Gathering Goodness: we work to revive produce & people for purpose – one fruit & vegetable at a time by finding a profitable home for farmers’ crops and donating pound for pound to fight hunger.  Fun fact: our first product ever created was sweet potato flour!

Favorite Sweet Potato Dish : Simple and easy: roasted cubes with a little ghee + spices.  Sometimes when I am feeling a little more ambitious, I love creamy Sweet Potato Thai Soup!

Why I became a Sweet Feet member:  As someone who has been in the sweet potato industry for almost a decade, I have a deep passion and respect for our state vegetable.  There is such a rich legacy and story around such a simple vegetable that many are unaware of.  Our growers work diligently to plant, cultivate and harvest one of the greatest superfoods in the world – a vegetable that sustains so many and offers so much.  Sweet potatoes are the most versatile and delicious vegetable around and are the perfect fuel for runners.  I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to represent our state vegetable through fitness!

Favorite Race: My first ever 5k when I was in my early 20’s.  I literally used the Couch to 5k app because I was that out of shape!  It was such a huge sense of accomplishment and was my first step to becoming a ‘runner’.

What got me  running:  I’m admittingly not the best runner or even very competitive.  Running for me has been therapeutic and an outlet that allows me to calm my soul and refocus on what matters.  As a new & first time mom, I am looking forward to getting back into running as a space for me to have alone time and lead a healthier life- physically, mentally & spiritually.  I also am excited to raise our children to understand the importance of health, fitness and nutrition as vital aspects of life.

A little about me: Growing up in Eastern NC, I was raised by a home-economic teacher and in a family that believes food and agriculture cultivate a sense of community.  I have always felt most at home in the kitchen and enjoying a meal around the table with those I love.  Working in agriculture has given me a sense of humility, respect and pride for all involved.  I enjoy creativity, product development, learning from others and feel the most alive when I’m brainstorming with others.  My husband, Bradley, and 4 month old son, Anderson are the joys of my life.

Sarah Schlicter

Sarah Schlicter

Occupation: Registered Dietician

Favorite Sweet Potato Dish:  So tough! I love everything with sweetpotatoes! Maybe my sweetpotato blueberry bread.

Why I became a Sweet Feet Member? Simple, because I love sweetpotatoes and running – no brainer 😉  I also thought it would be fun to be part of a similar-minded team!

Favorite Race: The Ogden Marathon because it is beautiful, mostly downhill, and I qualified for Boston!

What got me running: My husband was a competitive division 1 runner in college, and then he spent a few years coaching.  As a former division 1 athlete myself (I played softball in college), I was looking for a new hobby and way to stay in shape after college.  Enter running!  I’ve loved it ever since (even though in high school I swore I would never run for fun!)

A little about me:   I am a Registered Dietitian and freelance writer in the Brunswick, Maryland area.  I am also a new mom, runner, and blogger for Bucket List Tummy.  I love to talk about nutrition, running, and sharing healthy recipes on my blog.  In my free time, I can be found running on the trails, planning our next excursion, entertaining our needy Goldendoodle, or trying a new restaurant.

Whit Wooten

Whit Wooten

Occupation: Optician

Why I became a Sweet Feet Member:  I became a sweet feet member because I enjoy using them as fuel for my longer distance runs as well as the many health benefits they offer. Also when my friends told me about this team, I knew I had to be a part of it. It just made sense.

Favorite Race: Outer Banks Marathon. It’s hard to beat the views along our barrier islands. The atmosphere at this race is great. The fall temperatures are amazing and the post- race party isn’t too bad here either.

What got me running?: I wouldn’t really consider myself a competitive runner. I only compete against myself.

A little about Me:  About 6 years ago I decided to set a goal to complete a half marathon. I started training with a couple of friends that were training for a full marathon. Well once the distance reached over my projected half marathon mileage, I told myself, why not continue on and before I knew it I was running longer distances and absolutely loving it. Since then, I have completed many marathons, half marathons, one 50K ultra marathon which I plan to run in a couple of months again, and have participated in the Tuna Run 200 relay race for the last few years. I met the love of my life, my teammate Mandy, whom I plan to marry because of this amazing sport. I plan to marry her and complete many races and runs together!

Rob Taylor

Rob Taylor

Occupation: Director of Services, Southbend

Favorite Sweet Potato Dish:  Sweet Potato Bites

Why Sweet Feet? The health benefits of sweet potato and the benefits to runners (race prep and recovery) really intrigued me.  Also, I grew up on a farm in Eastern NC so it was right up my ally, so to speak.

Favorite Race: The Chicago Marathon, which I’ll be running on October 7th.

What got me running: Running is a great way to stay active and healthy and participating in races is such a great motivation milestone.  The running community is full of great folks that keep each other motivated.

A little about me: I graduated NC State Engineering in the mid-90’s, enjoy being outdoors and running.   When I’m not running, I also enjoy playing acoustic guitar and playing live music.  I live in Clayton with my wife of 21 years and my 2 children.


Kristen Baughman

Kristen Baughman

Occupation: Founder, Tabletop Media Group

Favorite Sweet Potato Dish: One of our clients, Sassool Mediterranean Cafe, makes the most incredible sweet potato salad. It has golden raisins, celery, other crunchy veggies and a little spice! Of course, North Carolina sweet potatoes are the star of the show. It’s super delicious and something I always crave!

Why I became a Sweet Feet Member:  I became a Sweet Feet member because I LOVE North Carolina sweet potatoes and I enjoy eating them before a race. I also wanted to join a group with a like mindset that values health and local food.

Favorite race:  My favorite race is the Cooper River Bridge Run (10K) in Charleston, South Carolina. This was the first 10K that I ever ran and I keep going back for more! I challenge myself each time I run to beat my previous time. Running uphill to the top of the bridge is the absolute worst, but then once you get to the top you overlook the beautiful water and downtown Charleston. There’s nothing like it!

What got me running:  I always hated running. I played women’s lacrosse in high school and they made us run every day for miles and miles until we felt like we were going to puke! I think I just had a horrible mindset with running until that all changed in college. I was super stressed during my freshman year of college (so much school work and lots of changes!) and found running outside to be my outlet. I would run a couple of miles every morning and steadily started to increase my distance, I fell in love with it!

A little about me: Native to the Carolinas, Kristen Baughman is the founder of Tabletop Media Group, a media agency providing services to businesses involved in food, beverage, agriculture, and lifestyle. Adventurous and passionate, Kristen has traveled to more than 30 countries to explore the different cultures and food options around the world. In her free time, you can find her relaxing outside on her farm with her dogs Cheerwine and Doc, or at one of the many Triangle restaurants with the fiance, Zayne.

Mandy Wooten

Mandy Steelman

Occupation: United States Department of Justice- Executive Assistant to the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina

Favorite Sweet Potato Dish:—Sweet potatoes nachos—use the sweet potatoes as chips, bake them then put beans, corn, bacon, salsa, cheese, and avocado on them! Yummy!

Why I became a Sweet Feet Member: Some members of our Tuna Team, also known as “The Pack” mentioned this as an opportunity to learn more about the health benefits of sweet potatoes and running.  I’m always looking for ways to improve my running, efficiency, and nutrition-wise.

Favorite Race: Outer Banks Marathon November 2012. This was my first marathon and I trained diligently, consistently, and during a hard time in my life.  It showed me I’m a lot stronger than I realize as I ran the race solo, with no friends, just me and a few hundred strangers!  I loved absolutely every minute of the race and can remember each mile!

What got me running: I had a big work event back in 2012 and when I returned from it, I needed to decompress from that event.  I took up running as a way to release stress but also for the physical benefits as well. My picture is from my first marathon-around mile 23 after I ran the big bridge –the bridge everyone said runners walk—I ran it!  I started running in 2012 and since have completed three half marathons, two marathons and am running the NYC Marathon in November of 2018.  Running has given me the confidence and freedom that I didn’t know I had in me!   In 2017 I set a goal to run 1000 miles in the year and ended at 1100.

A little about me: My name is Mandy Steelman and I am originally from Winston-Salem, NC, graduated college from Appalachian State University in 2000. I’ve been in the legal field for approximately 20 years, starting in college in a private firm, then after graduation moving to Raleigh and working at the United States Attorney’s Office.  I have two children, Corbett age 10, and Airlie age 8.  Corbett has the most gentle, pure spirit and Airlie is my mini-me.  I started running in 2012 and have done three half marathons, two marathons, and am running the NYC Marathon in November of 2018.  Running has given me the confidence and freedom that I didn’t know I had in me!   In 2017 I set a goal to run 1000 miles in the year and ended at 1100.

Running has also allowed me to make great friendships, which have turned into my “family”.  I met my person (Now my husband :-)) Whit, thru running and it’s allowed us to do something together that we both enjoy, give us quality time to talk, and allows for each of us to hold the other accountable. He makes me a stronger runner every time we run together.

Our Mission

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